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Chicken Sitting Service

We are pleased to provide a temporary home from home for your hens.


 Chicken Sitting - Conditions of Service                  


Your hens will be housed in an Eglu Classic hen house. .

They will be fed high quality layers pellets and occasional 'greens', unless you specify otherwise.

For their safety, your hens may not be let out to free-range whilst they are with us.

Your hens will be cleaned out at least twice a week.

We can take a maximum of 4 large hens or 7 Bantams in one Eglu Classic.

We can not take in cockerels.

*   We will keep any eggs laid, for our own use.

You will need to provide us with a mobile phone number for when you are away.

If there is a problem with a hen while you are away, we will do our best to contact you, but cannot be held responsible for any illness or accident that might occur.

We have yet to need to call on the services of a vet for chickens, however should this be required, fees are to be reimbursed to us, along with the cost of any medications we need to use.

If you do not collect your hens at the arranged time then they may have to be rehomed, as the Eglu & pen may be needed for its next guests.

When reserving a place for your flock, please arrange drop off and pick up times during daylight hours. 

Please inform us of any odd habits or unusual behaviors that your hens may have.



We charge £1.60 per hen per day which includes their food, water, bedding, supplements & occasional treats too.  There is a minimum charge of £15.

There is a £5 supplement for bookings in the weeks of Easter, Christmas & New Year.

The drop off & pick up days are both chargeable.

*  A 50% deposit is required upon booking, with the balance due when you drop your hens off. This is non refundable should you cancel your booking, but I will try to work around any changes of dates.

If you are delayed for any reason, the normal daily charges will be made. This applies to flight delays & other delays due to unforeseen circumstances.

We accept payments by cash or cheque or bank transfer.  Payments by cheque or bank transfer, must be made prior to dropping your hens with us, to secure your booking.

Please call us on 07786 960 999  or 020 8681 1588  and ask for Clive.



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